No more COVID fragments in Lakes Entrance

Drone view of the sun going down over Gippsland Lakes at Lakes Entrance

FURTHER testing of the local wastewater in the Lakes Entrance area across the weekend has produced negative results.
Viral fragments of COVID-19 were detected in the town’s wastewater in an analysis carried out between August 8 and August 11.
Fragments could have come from someone passing through the area, someone who had recovered but was still shedding COVID-19 particles, or a new case.
Gippsland Region Public Health Unit recorded 490 COVID-19 tests after ramping up testing capacity in the area following the COVID-19 positive wastewater result, but no cases have been identified in east Gippsland.
While further testing of wastewater has since come up clear, the unit reminded the community to remain vigilant and get tested if they are experiencing any symptoms (however minor), check exposure sites regularly and follow the public health advice.
Lakes Entrance’s residents are familiar with positive COVID-19 wastewater results, after the Health Department detected coronavirus fragments in the town’s wastewater on New Year’s Day, and later released a list of exposure sites across after two visitors tested positive during the town’s during peak tourist season.