Andrews: Unvaccinated won’t be allowed into venues until ‘well into 2022’

Premier Daniel Andrews warned the unvaccinated population will not be able to access freedoms until well into 2022 - "it will not be when we reach 90 per cent".

THE Premier has warned that the vaccinated economy, which affords freedoms to Victorians who are vaccinated, will not be ending “anytime soon”.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Daniel Andrews foreshadowed the rules could extend as far as beyond April 2022, but would not be drawn on giving an exact date.

“I’m not going to say to someone, ‘just wait us out, just wait four, five weeks and then you can go to the pub’,” he said.

“Know if you make the judgement to not get vaccinated and you reckon you can wait out us or the publican or whoever you want to think you are waiting out, you won’t wait out the virus, because the virus will be here for a long time and your only protection against it is being vaccinated.

“This will be well into 2022.

“Then we’ll get into booster issues, so it won’t be your first and second dose, it will be ‘have you had your third’?

“Then the other issue will be, who knows what variant is coming? We don’t.”

“That is going to function for a period of time – well into 2022.”

Mr Andrews said he could not understand why New South Wales would wrap up its vaccinated economy in December.

“Why would you get the system going, have the thing up and running and then essentially pull down, pull all that down, all of the architecture that you’ve built, the culture that you’ve changed?” he questioned.

“That doesn’t make any sense to me in any event, and we won’t be doing that here.

“I can’t put a date on it, but I can tell you it will not be when we reach 90 per cent.

Mr Andrews pointed to the Grand Prix as an example, which will be held in Melbourne in April.

“I don’t think there’s going to be crowds at the Grand Prix made up of people who have not been double dosed,” he said.

“Doesn’t mean it will end the day after the Grand Prix, but that gives you some sense.

“Please don’t play that game of ‘let’s just wait them out and we’ll be able to do everything we want to do and have not got jabbed’.

“If you make that choice, it will be a very long wait.”

Vaccinated Victorians will bid goodbye to lockdown at 11.59pm tomorrow, when a number of freedoms will be given back to those vaccinated.

Regionally, indoor settings like pubs, clubs and entertainment venues will be able to have up to 30 people indoors with density limits, and only if all attendees – including workers – are fully vaccinated.

This cap also applies to restaurants, cafés and gyms — if everyone is fully vaccinated.

Outdoor venues will increase from 20 to up to 100 people per venue in regional areas, but only if everyone is fully vaccinated.

If vaccination status is unknown, the venue can only have a total of 20 people.

In regional areas, weddings and funerals can to take place with up to 100 people outdoors, and 30 people indoors, subject to density limits — but only if all attendees are fully vaccinated.

If vaccination status is unknown, only 10 people are permitted indoors for funerals, weddings and religious gatherings.