Council to write to state govt on Loch Sport erosion

File photo

Josh Farrell

Wellington Shire Council will write to the state government about erosion along Loch Sport’s Lake Victoria foreshore.
Councillor Garry Stephens put forward a motion at last Tuesday’s council meeting for council to write to Energy, Environment and Climate Change Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, requesting an update and urgent action to address the coastal erosion on crown land areas adjacent to Lake Victoria.
“This is an extremely important issue for Loch Sport and for our wider community,” Cr Stephens said.
Cr Stephens said the letter should encourage the state government to install groynes — rock structures that capture sand as it drifts past — at the site to protect the foreshore.
When waves approach the shore at an angle, they often move sediment along the beach, but when there is a barrier in the beach, such as a groyne, the sand moving along the coastline is captured, and in turn builds up a beach.
“Where the groynes have been placed they have done a marvellous job in helping to arrest the erosion,” Cr Stephens said.
“In other places where there are no groynes and the timber groynes have rotted away, there are huge problems and the erosion is becoming quite serious.
“We need to call on the minister on behalf of the community to take urgent action to find this money — it will have tremendous benefit.”