Wi-Fi will now be a go at traffic lights

These traffic lights in Sale will soon be home to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Beau Guss

Pedestrians who stop at traffic lights in Sale will soon have access to free Wi-Fi.

Wireless internet is currently being installed at the new traffic signals on the intersection of York and Cunninghame Streets, which are under construction.

VicRoads spokesperson Sandy Rust said that the Wi-Fi would present huge benefits to the residents of Sale.

“In this interconnected age, constant access to the world wide web has become a necessity,” Mr Rust said.

“People are using more and more mobile data as they try to keep abreast of everything that is happening.

“By installing a Wi-Fi hotspot at these new lights, it allows locals to stay connected to the world around them while saving valuable data.”

The new hotspot will allow pedestrians to connect to the internet free of charge, provided they are within 9.4 metres of the intersection.

Sale resident Neville Wrong is full of praise for the announcement, likening it to heroic feats of Australian engineering such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Snowy-Hydro project.

“There’s nothing more annoying than being stopped at a crossing with nothing to pass the time,” Mr Wrong said.

“Now, with this whiz-bang technology, I’ll be able to entertain myself while I wait for the red person to turn green.

“I’ll finally be able to binge-watch Emily in Paris without breaking the bank!”

The Wi-Fi enabled traffic signals will be the first of their kind in Victoria, with the technology having already been trialled in the Queensland township of Betoota.

Should their installation prove popular with locals, similar lights will be erected in the nearby communities of Loch Sport and Port Albert.

The signals are expected to be operational in the coming days, with Council meeting to test it today on April 1.

This is an April Fools joke.