FOR RAAF Base East Sale’s Officers’ Training School, 2022 started with an impressive cohort of new instructional staff posting in from squadrons across Australia, complementing the strong team that remained from 2021.

Special mention must be made of FLTLT Miki Szollosi, an instructor here since January 2021, who in February this year was awarded the prestigious title of Instructor of the Year for the Royal Australian Air Force – no small effort and a testament to the dedication and quality of the instructional team.

After the environmental challenges presented throughout the past two years, Officers’ Training School was excited to commence its first course of the year with a return to not only Adventurous Training, but face to face training in general.

RAAF Base East Sale Officer Trainees experience abseiling near Buchan.

It is always a powerful experience for Officer Trainees to experience the challenges of leadership in new and confronting environments, and the abrupt start to winter up at the abseiling and caving sites near Buchan certainly challenged most.

The first three courses of the year have all returned smiling and buoyed by their experiences, despite the cold and, for the most part, their first experiences living from ration packs.

Over the coming weeks, Commanding Officer WGCDR Garth Herriot will be officially authorising the newly completed Confidence training course into service; comprising obstacles such as climbing walls, nets and tunnels. This course will augment the already rigorous physical and adventure training undertaken by trainees.

The Physical Training team are in the final stages of program development, with the goal of seeing this challenging course undertaken by Officer Trainees within the next few months.

Having already graduated the first of five courses for the year, Officers’ Training School continues full steam ahead, eyes firmly on the future.

National NAIDOC Week 2022

ON Monday, July 4, RAAF Base East Sale celebrated National NAIDOC Week 2022 with an afternoon tea at the Combined Mess with Gunaikurnai Elders and the Sale community.

Ramahyuck chief executive Nancy Binotto presenting RAAF Base East Sale Air Base Executive Officer Wing Commander Neil Foate with the NAIDOC 2022 Organisation of the Year Award.

ADF and community were provided with a Welcome to Country by Aunty Lisa Giblin. Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation representative Trey Baxter, a Gunaikurnai musician, played the Didgeridoo for all attendees to hear.

Acting Senior ADF Officer, Wing Commander Neil Foate, then addressed attendees on the importance of NAIDOC Week and learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures and history, and the shared responsibility of caring for and serving country.

RAAF Base East Sale was awarded Organisation of the Year from Ramahyuck during NAIDOC Week.

The event then concluded with Ms Nancy Binotto, chief executive of Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation, presenting RAAF Base East Sale with the NAIDOC 2022 Organisation of the Year Award. This award is presented to an organisation based in Wellington Shire that demonstrates strong partnership with Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation and the local community.

RAAF Base East Sale is proud to receive this award and will continue to develop a strong relationship with the local community and understand connections to people and place, history and culture, spirit and belonging.

New Signs to Base Static Display Area

FOR those who are not aware, just before the main entrance to RAAF Base East Sale, there is a Static Display Area that features three aircraft previously flown at East Sale.

The static display area that greets drivers as they enter RAAF Base East Sale.

Last week, a new feature was added with information signs detailing nine major Air Force units on base.

This provides visitors with an insight into the roles and capabilities that the Base provides.

A further two signs will be added in the near future, providing some history to the former Operations Facility or ‘Igloo’ that is located behind the Static Display Area, as well as a sign on the other three Gippsland World War 2 airfields.

Aircraft Operations

IF you are interested in learning more about the role of RAAF Base East Sale, flying operations and flying areas, you can visit:

This includes a link to the RAAF Base East Sale Noise Management Plan. The Defence approach to noise mitigation and Air Force fly neighbourly policy can also be found through the ‘Understanding Noise’ site.

General information

ANY enquiries relating to activities at RAAF Base, East Sale, should be directed to the Air Base Command Post on 5169 9892, or via email to