Tamara Hall baked more than 300 delectable cupcakes, raising $1100 for an isolette and a new breast pump for Sale Hospital’s Special Care Nursery in this year’s Newborn Intensive Care Foundation ‘Bake for Babies’ fundraiser.

Before the end of the year, the Sale local will be flooding the streets with that transportive baking smell, taking you back to days in your mum’s kitchen, licking batter off beaters and sticking hands in bowls, when she opens her baking business, Eight 9 Five.

Sale local Tamara Hall raised more than $1000 in this year’s Bake for Babies fundraiser. Photos: Supplied

One day as the mother of two young girls was scrolling through Facebook, she came across an advertisement for the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation Bake for Babies fundraiser, sparking interest and ultimately marking the beginning of her ‘cupcakeathon’.

“With plans to open my business before the end of the year, I thought this will get the name out there, and people can try my cupcakes all while raising money for a great cause,” she said.

“I also love that NICF spends money locally rather than in other hospitals, which allows our local families not to have to travel long distances, but also to help treat their babies if they require long-distance travel to a bigger hospital.”

Some of the cupcakes created by Tamara Hall as part of the ‘Bake for Babies’ fundraiser.

When Tamara put on her apron and grabbed her mixing bowl, flour and sugar, she had no idea that she would end up baking more than 300 cupcakes and raise more than $1000 for Sale Hospital’s Special Care Nursery.

When asked if she expected to raise so much money once she decided to take part in fundraiser, the mother baker extraordinaire replied unhesitantly, “God no”.

“I was stoked that when I put my post out, I got an order, so I thought to myself, okay, maybe $100 would be cool,” Tamara said.

“Then I started getting orders and donations without orders, and I got serious about reaching $500.

“So $1000+ is huge.”

Tamara made a huge contribution to the Sale hospital in raising more than $1000 for the Bake for Babies fundraiser.

Tamara was fortunate to have some very special ladies lending a helping hand as she baked cupcake, after cupcake, after cupcake.

“My oldest (child) tried to help, but I’m not ready to trust her just yet,” she said.

“She is strictly taste manager!

“My mum was my helping hand; I would not be able to have done this big a job without her.”

Out of all the incredible cakes baked by Tamara, the cupcake connoisseur said the peanut butter and caramel ones were definitely a crowd favourite, receiving lots of feedback.

“Surprisingly, confetti was the most ordered – I think for kids, the mini MnM’s inside was fun,” she said.

The baker’s favourite – rainbow.

rainbow cupcakes
Rainbow cupcakes were Tamara’s favourite.

“It looked amazing with the bright colours,” Tamara said.

“Flavour-wise, I enjoyed the peanut butter one. People had asked for it, so it was new to the ‘menu’, and it was pretty great.”

Tamara is already planning for next year’s Bake for Babies fundraiser, determined to raise even more money for the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation and help local families.

“I already have plans for the bake next year, which won’t just include cupcakes,” she said.

“I love baking, I love creating new flavours, and I really enjoy decorating and making them look fun.”

Bake for Babies cupcakes
Tamara is set to open Eight9five Cakes by the end of the year! An exciting prospect for Sale’s sweet tooths.

Tomorrow from 11 am, Nicole’s Hair Design in Maffra is hosting a Bake for Babies High Tea.

No tickets are needed, just a gold coin donation.

It is the perfect opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy a cuppa tea. Tasting plates are available to purchase, even take-home packs for those treats that really hit the spot.

A raffle will be drawn in the afternoon, and all proceeds will be donated to the Special Care Nursery at Sale Hospital.

For more information about the Bake for Babies fundraiser or to donate, head to the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation website https://newborn.org.au/regional-locations/central-gippsland-chapter/, or search Bake for Babies on Facebook.