Here comes A Prudent Man

Lyall Brooks, as he appears in the one-man show 'A Prudent Man' Photo: Contributed

WHAT makes the Trumps of this world tick?

That’s the theoretical question posed in A Prudent Man, coming to the Stratford Courthouse Theatre next month.

Written and directed by award-nominated playwright Katy Warner, and produced by Melbourne-based theatre company Lab Kelpie, A Prudent Man takes an unapologetic look at a man both in control and on the edge.

This one-man show stars Lyall Brooks as a figure known simply as “The Man”, one who is of many dispositions – a conservative politician, a leader, a man in a snappy suit, an athlete in a bad tracksuit.

Warner’s play is not about one politician or political event; it is a speculative piece inspired by real events and people.

It’s also a darkly comedic political thriller that explores what it means to be right – in more ways than one.

A Prudent Man will be showing at the Courthouse on Saturday, February 18 from 7.30pm

Additionally, Lyall will be hosting a “Monologue Masterclass” – a series of one-on-one theatre workshops – the day prior to his performance.

As part of the workshops, six to ten local actors will be given a monologue that somehow relates to or reflects the show – a theme, a style, an emotion, maybe a piece by the same playwright.

Over the course of the masterclass, Lyall will unpack the individual texts with each actor and guide them to an interpretation and performance they’re happy and confident with.

Everyone will contribute to ordering and staging the collection of monologues into a single flowing piece, and then they perform them as “Act II” of the show after A Prudent Man.

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Lyall Brooks, as he appears in the one-man show ‘A Prudent Man
Photo: Contributed