Annual Police survey points to public transport safety concerns

THE annual Victoria Police Community Sentiment Survey ran over a five-week period between March 31 and May 7 this year.

Victorians participated in the survey to share their local safety concerns and how comfortable they feel about approaching police and Protective Services Officers outside of an emergency.

A total of 10,996 responses were received from the 2023 Community Sentiment Survey, helping police identify issues that matter most to Victorians.

As reported by TRFM, Wellington Police Inspector Mel McLennan hoped to gauge a bigger response locally to the survey.

“One of the glaring responses we had – that we have actually responded to quite substantially – is the concerns around public transport areas in Sale, particularly around the last train of an evening,” she said.

“We’ve set up a police unit that will be patrolling that vicinity, talking to people as they get off the train, just to provide that level of comfort and visibility so they can see us there.”

The 2023 top four safety concerns remain consistent with last year’s survey results, however have been ranked in a different order.

In 2023, more respondents selected ‘cybercrime or online safety’ as a concern compared to 2022. This crime theme also replaced the family violence category, which previously ranked fifth in 2022.


Top five safety concerns:

1. Safety in public places;

2. Safety of my property and possessions;

3. Road safety;

4. Drugs and alcohol, and;

5. Cybercrime or online safety.


Top three responses to improve community safety:


1. More police presence and patrols in public places, and on the roads. Increased night patrolling;

2. More CCTV and security cameras and better lighting on street and public places, and;

3. More work to address drug-related crime.

Local police have listened to your feedback and will be implementing a number of initiatives over the next 12 months to help improve community safety in line with the Neighbourhood Policing model.