Heath calls on the Premier to reverse native timber ban

IN state parliament, the Liberal Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Renee Heath, called on Premier Jacinta Allan to reverse the closure of the state’s native timber industry.

Speaking in the Legislative Council recently, Dr Heath said that Gippsland has “not only felt neglected but attacked” throughout former Premier Daniel Andrews’ nine years in the top job.

“The state has been fed from our produce and it is our power industry has kept the lights on across the state,” Dr Heath said. “We have seen firsthand the damage that can happen to a region when an ideological and city-centric Premier is at the helm.

“Thousands of jobs have been lost in our region over the past three terms, but now there is a chance for a fresh start.

“On behalf of the workers that are set to lose their jobs at the end of this year, the question we ask is, ‘Will the Premier reverse the decision to close the native timber industry?'”