Alarming worldwide loss of insects

Professor Phil Batterham. Photo: Contributed

Melbourne University Emeritus Professor, Philip Batterham will be delivering a talk on research that indicates that the world’s insect populations are being threatened by our current use of insecticides. The talk will be delivered at the Bond Street Event Centre on November 28 between 7pm and 9pm.

Professor Batterman is a well-known and eminent biologist with a long career in science.

Professor Batterman will discuss how insecticides have been an important, effective weapon of choice in waging war against insect pests; however, it is becoming increasingly clear that this war is having unintended casualties on non-threatening native insects and the birds that feed on them.

Insecticides in combination with a range of other factors, including climate change are probably responsible for these decreases.

Failure to quickly arrest the decline in non pest insects has the potential to seriously impact on our social, economic and environmental wellbeing.

The talk is hosted by the Bug Blitz Program and the Bond Street Event Centre. It will be of interest to anyone who uses insecticides and people with an interest in science and natural resource management.

There will be a $10 entry. Please ring 5182 8770 to secure a seat for this important talk.