148,000 NBN outages hit locals

Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund will again provide assistance, this time to victims of last week's storm, Pictured is Mirboo North, one of the worst hit regions in Gippsland. Photo: Katrina Brandon

Ben McArthur

TUESDAY’S storms also disrupted the state’s internet services, causing 148,000 NBN outages.

The short term impact on Sale’s internet connection services was mitigated due to the presence of a FTTP generator installed by the NBN company overnight in Sale, which will stay until repairs are completed.

At time of writing, the company couldn’t comment when it will be finished or if there will be expected disruptions.

However, there have been outages reported throughout the region such as Longford.

Generators have also been setup in Traralgon, Bairnsdale, Warragul, Koo Wee Rup and Cowes.