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148,000 NBN outages hit locals

Ben McArthur TUESDAY'S storms also disrupted the state's internet services, causing 148,000 NBN outages. The short term impact on Sale's internet connection services was mitigated due...

Letters to the Editor: August 4 2023

Fixed Wireless slammed I WANT to know why, after infrastructure upgrades in recent months, on July 31, 2023, our performance visibly improved with the upload...

$480m boost for NBN

NBN Co has been provided $480 million by the federal government to upgrade the NBN fixed wireless network, the first major milestone under the Better Connectivity for Rural and Regional Australia Plan.

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The Gippy Girls hike for the Heart Foundation

TOMORROW (May 24), 'The Gippy Girls' comprised of Ana Jones, Gemma Lambe, Marie Frew from Sale and Tanya Cunningham from Stratford, are hiking for...