Jacinta Allan nukes the Liberals’ Loy Yang nuclear plan

Victorian Premier, Jacinta Allan expresses her opposition to the Federal Coalition's nuclear policy with this meme. Darren Chester called the social media post "childish rubbish". Photo: Contributed

Stefan Bradley

VICTORIAN Premier Jacinta Allan has rejected the federal opposition’s policy to build a nuclear power plant at Loy Yang in the Latrobe Valley, referring to nuclear energy as toxic, risky, more expensive and “decades and decades away”.

“We absolutely will not stand for that. Because we know what works,” Ms Allan said at a press conference on Wednesday.

“What works is exactly what we’re doing now – investing in renewable energy – in solar, in wind, in battery storage. And we can get on and deliver that right now.”

The Premier pointed to the government’s focus on these clean energy sources, which has led to over a third of the state’s power coming from renewables. She said renewables were driving investment, jobs and cheaper energy for households and businesses.

When a journalist put it to Ms Allan that Loy Yang was a confirmed site for the policy, Ms Allan said: “I thought Darren (Chester) had fought that off?”

Pledging to fight nuclear, Ms Allan went on to say she will “stand with (the Gippsland community)” and accused the Liberal and National parties of abandoning them.

Jacinta Allan’s letter to Peter Dutton, posted on X/Twitter, vehemently opposing nuclear power in Victoria. Photo: Jacinta Allan/X

Labor frontbenchers Lily D’Ambrosio and Harriet Shing joined in on the attack, saying that federal Liberal Peter Dutton has not visited the Loy Yang site.

State opposition leader, John Pesutto said the Victorian Liberals had no plan to incorporate nuclear energy in the energy mix, wishing to focus on gas in the short term, but said his party would look at the federal Liberals’ proposal before the 2026 state election. Victorian Nationals leader, Peter Walsh said his party’s view was the exact same as Mr Pesutto’s.

Mr Walsh also said he wanted to see what the community of Latrobe Valley would say about a nuclear reactor at the Loy Yang site.

To build a nuclear plant in the Latrobe Valley, Mr Dutton would need to win the next federal election, as federal Labor has rubbished the policy.

If the Coalition was to be elected, they would need to pass a law to overturn a federal ban on nuclear power, but the states would also need to overturn their own nuclear moratorium.

In a post on X/Twitter, the Premier indicated she won’t budge an inch.

“You say you will negotiate with the states. I won’t be negotiating,” she says in the letter.

“I won’t allow a lurch backwards to nuclear power that sends bills skyrocketing, nor will I allow the Latrobe Valley to become your dumping ground.”