It is possible to survive a bushfire

How irritating to read the article headed ‘Seaton bushfire reflections (Gippsland Times 20/01), a CFA and Craig Lapsley bushfire fear propaganda piece through Amanda Goodge’s story.

I acknowledge it is very traumatic to lose one’s treasures.

Ms Goodge was not at her home when the fires of 2006-07 and 2012-13 occurred, so is not qualified to instruct people “don’t even (think) you might be able to survive”.

You can, by being prepared.

Leaving is a recipe for losing everything.

We survived a catastrophic bushfire on Ash Wednesday by staying, not leaving.

We were safe in our home.

Yes, we were busy after the passage of the fire front.

Yes, it was uncomfortable with the heat, noise and smoke.

We are here to tell the story.

I used a mop and bucket of water inside which CFA has since recognised as an effective tool and has incorporated into their Bushfire Survival Kit.

Surviving an intense bushfire is far more complex than a three word slogan ‘Leave and Live’.

Some people have left and died.