Selfish people must take COVID-19 more seriously

James Khalid, Maffra


SELFISHLY, a lot of young people haven’t been taking the caution and care that is being drilled into society as coronavirus, the virus responsible for COVID-19, ravages the globe.

In an effort to slow down the spread of the virus, we are being told to limit unnecessary social interactions and movements to allow for those who are most vulnerable to manoeuvre around the community with minimal risk of contracting the virus.

A lot of people somehow seem to believe that this pandemic is being blown out of proportion (mind you, it isn’t).

It is being expected by public health epidemiologists – experts that know more than any of us – that 60 per cent of the global population will contract the virus.

Even if you are young and fit, much like myself, you must act responsibly.

We are going to be the people going around, unknowingly transmitting the disease to those who are most vulnerable because we don’t care if we get the virus, because we are selfish and because we are ignorant to the severity of the situation.

Please, I urge you to take care and thoroughly wash your hands, limit social interaction, don’t touch surfaces unnecessarily, touch don’t your face and be more considerate.

I don’t really care if you think it’s being blown out of proportion because there’s going to be minimal consequences if we act accordingly.

However if it’s not and we don’t take care, society will no doubt struggle to find her feet again after a pandemic like this