Positive experience with online teaching

Vicky McNaughton, Seaspray


I HAVE read so many articles about the impact of online learning in schools.

I am a primary school teacher who is now teaching online.

Initially, there were the problems of new technology, new programs and ensuring the students had the necessary equipment to make the learning possible.

Yes, it has been far from easy, but the results have been very rewarding.

I now have students at home and some at school.

Those who are learning at home have certainly not been disadvantaged in regard to their learning – in fact, they have excelled.

This could not be possible without the wonderful support they are receiving from home.

This assistance is not just provided by parents, but extended family members who have embraced the learning and supported the school in every way.

I cannot thank them enough as we all learn together, and now we have this collaboration between home, school and – most of all – the students.

Online learning is not second class learning as we teachers plan lessons to cover the curriculum and ones that stimulate, engage and encourage independence for each of our students.

Maybe online learning is learning for the future.