Changes needed to domestic animal plan

Nichola Gavin, Stratford


WHEN reading about the dog attack on her beloved pet in Maffra recently, I felt for Sue and her dog Molly.

To hear that this attack was not officially classified as ‘vicious’ is beyond a joke.

My dog and I too were victims of a vicious dog attack a year ago in Maffra, and it was one of the most frightening things I have ever experienced.

If the owners had not have come out and managed to get their dog away from mine, my pet would surely have been killed.

I was heavily pregnant at the time and was knocked to the ground by the large animal in the scramble.

This attack resulted in a trip to the vets for my pet (at my own expense, as the owners had promised to pay the bill but never came through with the money) and a full day in hospital for myself due to falling while pregnant.

I sincerely hope that changes are made to better protect victims from these rogue animals.

Thank you to Mr Iliopoulos for being a strong voice and advocate for the people, and pets, of our local community.

I encourage anyone wanting to help keep our communities safe to provide feedback to help make the Domestic Animal Management Plan tougher when it is released for review, as was mentioned in the article.

I know I certainly will.