Council supportive over dog attack in Maffra

Susan Serein, Maffra


MY dog Molly was attacked recently in Maffra as reported, but the investigation is ongoing and I am still liaising with the dog ranger regarding this incident.

I’d like to stress the dog ranger and council are being very supportive and helpful.

I feel the article printed may show council in a bad light, when I’ve always found them most prompt and efficient in their responses, both now and in the past.

Dogs do wonder the streets occasionally but the rangers can’t chase down an uncontained animal for risk of it being hit by a car.

I’ve contacted council several times after dogs have followed me home, and they’ve been able to come promptly to collect them.

I’ve been abused for calling the ranger for stray dogs, but I live on a busy street and if it was my dog I rather it be safe than run over.