Botanic gardens never fail to delight

Brian Hamer, Sale


I’M sure that I’m not the first – and certainly won’t be the last – in congratulating those responsible for their work in Sale Botanic Gardens.

The planning and ongoing maintenance of these gardens is, in my opinion, outstanding, providing a constant pleasure to wander through when stretching the muscles or seeking some mind-comforting support.

As a photographer, I appreciate the changes in light and colour, not to mention the alluring perfumes given off by some of our beautiful gum trees as I walk along the pathways winding between a large variety of flora (and dodging fauna).

I can be ambling down a pathway towards the beautiful lake framed by soaring gums at one point, or turn towards the sun backlighting the trees as I make my way back towards the road along the northern side of the lake.

My only thought on potential for improvement could be a small cafĂ© providing tea, coffee and scones similar to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne – or at worst, a takeaway van, strategically parked.

Thanks for your hard work.