A ‘conflict of interest’ claim is incorrect

James Sorahan, executive director, Minerals Council of Australia Victoria


TRACEY Anton claimed in an opinion piece that the Minerals Council of Australia is part of ‘a trial process’ on land access agreements with government and that this is a ‘conflict of interest’.

Unfortunately, Ms Anton gets a few things wrong.

There is no conflict of interest.

The Minerals Council’s Land Access Guide relates to minerals, not gas.

It is simply a guide for landowners on their rights when mineral explorers seek access to their land.

Ms Anton’s claims about contractual templates ‘to sign away your rights’ do no such thing.

The government’s template agreements are voluntary, and they are not an industry document.

Mining acknowledges that the prospect of exploration can be a concern for landholders, particularly for farmers with long-standing inter-generational connection to their land.

What’s needed is goodwill and respectful relationships between landowners and explorers.

This shows the need for land access guides and template agreements to provide the tools to support local communities in good faith negotiations.