Don’t tear down the McMillan cairns

John Atkinson, Sale


I AM writing in regard to what is going on with the McMillan cairns in Gippsland.

I am 86 years of age and one of the oldies left to defend the rights of our age, and in particular oldies and including past people, that guided laws and things done in the past.

The Atkinson family has been in Gippsland 170 years.

It seems very wrong to suddenly bring this council motion on when council is in lockdown and at such short notice, on a topic certainly of interest to a lot of people.

These cairns were built as a part of history and we don’t have the right to tear them down.

The establishment of Gippsland as we know it today wasn’t an easy thing to make happen, given nothing in infrastructure whatsoever existed.

That tells me McMillan had a slog to be able to exist.

Aboriginal descendants, whites, migrants, should glory in that fact we are able to take part in our great Australia.

I say get on with life and better our Gippsland and Australia. Work hard and enjoy yourself.