We all need to unite together, as one

James Khalid, Maffra


THE race problem is born by the ‘left’ and seen to be portrayed by the ‘right’.

Politically, to be ‘left’ means to be progressive, compassionate, and caring and to be ‘right’ is seen to be careless, divisive, and selfish.

However, this sweeping spurious generalisation generally painted by the left is the root cause of the divisiveness we see in society and around the world today.

If we stopped with the ‘progressive’ identity politics, no one would be separated by their race, sexuality, gender identity and so on (things that we are born with and simply cannot be changed), we would all just be humans – where would discrimination have room to fit in?

If we are to really progress as a society, we need to stop worrying over people’s race, culture and heritage.

We need to share our experiences and cultures without the worry of cultural appropriation because with the sharing of our experience, where would the division and discrimination fit in?

I believe, the way forward is together, as one, not as an ally to the LGBT community, or a supporter of BLM, but as humans together; working together as one, to rid the world of true discrimination and those individuals who truly do believe they are better than another based on something they cannot change.

I do genuinely believe the progressives are trying to better society, but are inadvertently causing the problems they aim to defeat.

Political correctness, discrimination, division and this victim narrative and mentality are all toxic traits in society that we need to abolish.

If someone makes fun of your culture, call them out, yes, but just fight fire with fire, make fun of their culture.

We need to focus on the real problems of society – the missed opportunities that are caused by socio-economic status – not by race, sexuality, or gender.

I often hear people complain that individuals often have ‘white privilege’ or ‘straight privilege’ but honestly, how much privilege does someone have, to complain about such trivial things?