Council needs to look in its own back yard

Neville Anderson, an earthmoving and agricultural contractor from Nambrok


I AM writing in response to the article titled ‘Timber fight has only just begun’.

Once again, the Wellington Shire Council has double standards.

Its treatment of our own contractors and suppliers for years has been unacceptable.

What Bunnings is doing with its future timber supplies is not good enough.

Tradies and others should support Dahlsens, Stratford Timber and Hardware and Maffra or Heyfield Home Hardware for all their timber needs.

This will solve the problem – plus their money will stay in the local area.

Bunnings is a drain on the local area. There are no fights required.

However, it appears okay for Wellington Shire Council to send millions of dollars out of the area annually.

For example, using contractors and suppliers from out of our local area – when there are perfectly suitable people available within our local community.

Contractors and suppliers from outside of the area spend very little money back in the community, often not even filling up with fuel here.

This is not okay.

Wellington Shire Council doesn’t listen to locals or take free expert advice.

The shire would be a lot better off if all its money was spent in the local area to improve the wellbeing of all of its citizens and environment, creating local wealth.

Please spend money on the local communities – in turn informing them of the importance of supporting our very own.

This is far more important now and into the future ahead.