COVID-19 is still present

Lynette Ripper, Stratford


I WENT to Woolies last Thursday and was puzzled by the big ‘eye smile’ I got from a self check out assistant whom I didn’t know, until I arrived home and had time to think about it.

It then stood out to me that I and her were two of very few people wearing masks and observing social distancing in a very busy Thursday afternoon environment.

The Victorian Department of Health are still advertising the importance of wearing masks when in shopping centres and other potentially populated consumer environments. And it has come to my attention that Australians are getting lax because of the unreliable information being promoted that we are free of a virus that we cannot see, can have no obvious symptoms of, and that relies on testing to identify.

How dumb and spoon fed has our society become? Does no one want to take responsibility for themselves and other people anymore?

As yet, there is no local vaccine and no cure for COVID-19 and it is so highly contagious (just think of the common cold) that it is beyond me the amount of complacency and flagrant self-delusional self importance that the general Australian public allow themselves.

Take a good look at Europe and the US!

Don’t rely on the ‘government’s recommendations’ as they are navigating inexperienced pandemic health and legal constraints that have never been preempted, and by throwing back to society the responsibility of being vigilant, they are legally excused from taking responsibility for liability or incompetence.

It’s not only up to our government. It’s up to each and every one of us to be responsible.

The time of being spoon fed is gone. Get with the program folks, we have had 10 months to realise the impact of this virus if it gets away.

Use your own common sense (if you have any).

For the sake of you, your children and your children’s children, this fight against the virus is not over until everyone is vaccinated and that vaccination is proven and lasting.

Good luck to all.