Motorised bicycles are unsafe

Geoff Jensen, Maffra


RECENTLY, and on many occasions, I have seen (and heard) motor-adapted push bikes trolling our streets.

Just this morning, I saw a mountain bike in Maffra go a short distance in the wrong direction then turn and cross from the post office across the main pedestrian crossing – in which the law states you must walk – then pull up next to Woolworths.

As this bike was running with no exhaust, it sounded like a loud chainsaw idling.

He passed an elderly lady between the crossing, and she got such a fright that she gasped and held her chest, then looked toward me with a look of despair.

Surely it’s about time the police did something about these go-bikes and petrol scooters.

There are laws about them and about noise pollution as well.

Also, who says that a young teenager is even able to properly fit these “kits” to their push-bikes.

From a safety aspect, a push-bike was never designed to be powered by a petrol engine.

I have personally seen one of these modified bikes doing more than 50 kilometre per hour – imagine a wheel cratering or the light metal breaking at that speed, the outcome could be dire.

Maybe these kids should just ride from A to Z like the last many generations of children have, they will have their chance to use powered vehicles in either their sport or when they turn 16 and get their licenses.

Safety first to all for a merry Christmas.