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Letter to the editor | Campaign to ‘discredit’ Darren Chester

RECENT letter writers have tried to make sense of Darren Chester's sacking at the hands of Barnaby Joyce by blaming Chester himself. In their desperation...

Letter to the editor | I’d vote for Darren if he went independent

MANY years ago a handsome young reporter turned up from WIN Television to do a story about our Christmas exhibition. He was quietly spoken and...

Letter to the editor | Gippslanders will still be well represented

DARREN Chester's exit from the ministry means that Gippsland no longer has a direct voice at the Cabinet table. However this does not mean that...

Letter to the editor | Chester has had a ‘shocking tantrum’

THE only insult to Gippslanders regarding the federal National Party's leadership switch to Barnaby Joyce has been the shocking tantrum from Darren Chester over...

Surprise in the sky

LETTER TO THE EDITOR IT was with some wonder during a recent Sunday, when a neighbour and I saw a jet plane performing aeronautic manoeuvres...

Council must act on dog droppings in public areas

LETTER TO THE EDITOR IT is appalling that irresponsible persons in charge of dogs in Maffra do not clean up their dogs' "mess" from public...

Will Royal Commission reveal anything new?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR DOUG Steley’s letter (Gippsland Times, May 25) called for a Royal Commission into the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and was critical...

COVID-19 is still present

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | For the sake of you, your children and your children's children, this fight against the virus is not over until everyone is vaccinated and that vaccination is proven and lasting.

Motorised bicycles are unsafe

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Surely it's about time the police did something about these go-bikes and petrol scooters.

VFF says no to camping along water frontages

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Allowing camping in licensed water frontages makes no sense.

Promises of rain may not eventuate locally

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | There is little relationship between la Nina conditions and increased rainfall in East Sale

The perfect time now to promote Wellington

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The Victorian government needs to open up for city people to move to country regions.

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Wellington now has 10 COVID cases

Wellington Shire's COVID-19 case numbers have doubled since yesterday, now numbering 10. However, Gippsland Region Public Health says there are no public exposure sites in...

Any excuse for cake