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McMillan was not a man to be admired

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | I'm writing in response to the numerous letters regarding Angus McMillan - who supposedly discovered Gippsland. Of course, this is nonsense.

Consultation may have been worthwhile

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | It would probably have been preferable for those in favour of the removal of the cairns to have had a discussion in the community before putting it to a vote.

We need to face up to our local history

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Many of the voices in support of keeping the cairns argue for the preservation of history, but the cairns only tell half the story.

Response to Peter Gardner about cairns

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Wellington Shire Heritage Network has never denied that Gippsland's original inhabitants were treated abysmally by early European settlers.

Those with power must be held to account

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The symbolism of the Angus McMillan cairns implies community approval and hearty endorsement of self interest trumping basic humane principle - a grave failing that is still around today.

Protest becomes its own justification

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | As one who has great respect for Wellington Shire councillor Carolyn Crossley and her commitment to public service, I cannot share her views on the Angus McMillan controversy.

A ‘conflict of interest’ claim is incorrect

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Minerals Council of Australia does not have a 'conflict of interest'.

Reconciliation only on white terms?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The outcome of councillor Carolyn Crossley's motion to remove the McMillan cairns from our community is a tragedy.

Is the jury still out on McMillan?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Terrible things happened, no doubt about it, but the question we should be turning our minds to is how do we fix today's problems, as opposed to trying to rewrite history?

We are becoming a divided nation

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | I attended the council meeting and I would like to congratulate the councillors and speakers who showed a bit of common sense.

Don’t tear down the McMillan cairns

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | These cairns were built as a part of history and we don't have the right to tear them down.

A missed opportunity to do the right thing

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | I congratulate Wellington Shire councillor Carolyn Crossley on her motion to remove the Angus McMillan monuments and am thankful for the three councillors who supported the motion.

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