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Church COVID rules ‘fail the pub test’

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | A pressing need remains to address the unfairness of the disparity in numbers.

The problem with the youth of today

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Amidst the doom and gloom of COVID isolation comes this story rich in hope and promise.

Forestry is a sustainable industry

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Dawn Stubbs' letter implies that those who defend the native hardwood industry are "happy to wipe-out our own forests", despite the reality that the industry operates only within a very minor portion of Victoria's forests, and that harvested sites are immediately regenerated to grow new forest.

Hardwood industry is not the culprit here

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The sawmills which take resource from VicForests to supply value added hardwood timber products to Bunnings and others are not the culprits in this debate.

Council needs to look in its own back yard

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Wellington Shire Council has double standards.

Council has power to act on farm rate burden

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The Gippsland branch of the Victorian Farmers Federation would like to respond to articles quoting the mayor of the Wellington Shire.

The absence of a Saturday night ritual

OPINION | Surely this writer is not the only one who is missing spending part of a Saturday night navigating their way through SportsTG to see what happened across various grades and leagues on a particular round?

There is no evidence McMillan was involved

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Mr Gardner's version of history is a construct of his own making; it is a hypothesis.

The cairns celebrate ‘cultural imperialism’

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The message these cairns send is a celebration of cultural imperialism 1927, not exploration.

Bunnings should be congratulated

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The sudden concerns by our local politicians about deforestation and unsustainable practices in other parts of the world, namely South East Asia, shows how really hypocritical they are, considering they have never had any regard for our own deforestation.

Concerns over data relied on for EES

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | It will be the community that has to bear the consequences if Kalbar gets it wrong in its soon-to-be-released 8500-page Environment Effects Statement.

Consultation may have been worthwhile

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | It would probably have been preferable for those in favour of the removal of the cairns to have had a discussion in the community before putting it to a vote.

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