Stratford stays in finals race

STRATFORD kept its hopes of making the North Gippsland section one bowls finals alive with a strong win at home over second-placed Maffra.

Next Saturday, Stratford will play last-placed Rosedale, then host Sale Blue, possibly for Sale Blue’s position in the top four.

Sale Blue looks shaky in fourth spot after being defeated by Yarram. It will play Heyfield and Stratford in the final two matches.

Yarram’s win over Sale Blue saw it rise from fifth to third, while Sale Blue dropped to fourth.

Sale White had a big win against Sale Golf, causing Golf to drop three places on the ladder to seventh. Sale Golf will face Yarram and Maffra in the final two matches.

Heyfield kept itself in the mix for fourth spot with its win over Rosedale. Heyfield will play Sale Blue at Sale and Yarram at home.

MAFFRA snuck into the section two top four with victory at Wurruk to jump two places to fourth spot.

Maffra replaced Sale Blue, who dropped to sixth spot with its loss to top team Yarram.

Sale White got over the line by two shots against seventh-placed Sale Golf.

Stratford is fifth, equal on points with Maffra, after its victory over Heyfield.

The next two rounds are interesting, with Maffra playing Sale White and Sale Golf, and Stratford taking on Wurruk and Sale White.

IN section three, Sale Blue defeated Sale White, making it two losses in a row for White and dropping it to fourth place.

This has opened the door for Yarram Gold, who sits only 1.5 points below Sale White in fifth place.

Yarram Gold had a strong win over Maffra at Sale, while Yarram Green was too good for Stratford and Heyfield defeated Rosedale.


Section one: Stratford 12-80 d Maffra 2-66, Sale White 14-90 d Sale Golf 0-52, Yarram 12-66 d Sale Blue 2-64, Heyfield 14-95 d Rosedale 0-45.

Section two: Maffra 14-84 d Wurruk 0-54, Sale White 10-63 d Sale Golf 4-61, Yarram 13-79 d Sale Blue 1-69, Stratford 12-76 d Heyfield 2-69.

Section three: Yarram Gold 7-54 d Maffra 2-37, Yarram Green 9-56 d Stratford 0-40, Sale Blue 7-57 d Sale White 2-37, Heyfield 9-50 d Rosedale 0-36.

NORTH Gippsland Bowls Division midweek pennant results:

Section one: Maffra 12-63 d Sale Golf 2-55, Sale 14-94 d Stratford 0-51, Heyfield bye; ladder: Sale 109, Maffra 105, Heyfield 54, Sale Golf 52, Stratford 8.

Section two: Yarram 9-52 d Maffra 0-25, Wurruk Green 9-49 d Sale 0-41, Heyfield 7-55 d Wurruk White 2-47; ladder: Sale 76.5, Heyfield 56.5, Maffra 53.5, Yarram 52.5, Wurruk Green 47.5, Wurruk 37.5.