Sale White advances

SALE White booked the first place in the North Gippsland Saturday bowls section one grand final.

The Sale side defeated Maffra in the second semi-final on Saturday at Stratford.

Maffra will play in the preliminary final this weekend against Sale Blue, which ended Yarram’s season in the first semi-final.

In section two at Sale Golf, Sale White defeated Yarram in the second semi-final, and Stratford won the first semi against Heyfield. Sale White advanced to the grand final, while Yarram and Stratford will meet in the preliminary final.

Sale Blue won the section three second semi-final against Yarram Green at Heyfield, while Sale White defeated Maffra in the first semi-final. Sale White and Yarram Green will play in the preliminary final for the right to meet Sale Blue in the grand final.

The preliminary finals will be played this Saturday at Heyfield.

The grand finals will be played the following Saturday at Yarram.

Semi-final results:

Section one: second semi-final: Sale White 78 d Maffra 65; first semi-final: Sale Blue 70 d Yarram 63.

Section two: second semi-final: Sale White 80 d Yarram 60; first semi-final: Stratford 81 d Heyfield 41.

Section three: second semi-finals: Sale Blue 55 d Yarram Green 31; first semi-final: Sale White 51 d Maffra 44.

THE North Gippsland Bowls Division midweek pennant finals will be played on Tuesday.

In section one, minor premier Maffra will play Sale. These two teams were by far best this season.

Maffra and Sale are coming off strong final round victories over Stratford and Heyfield respectively.

Sale will play Heyfield in section two.

These teams met last week with Heyfield defeating the top side.

Final round results:

Section one: Maffra 14-75 d Stratford 0-47, Sale 12-79 d Heyfield 2-76, Sale Golf bye; ladder: Maffra 129, Sale 123, Sale Golf 78, Heyfield 74, Stratford 8.

Section two: Wurruk Green 9-50 d Maffra 0-44, Heyfield 7-42 d Sale 2-41, Yarram 9-48 d Wurruk White 0-30; ladder: Sale 92, Heyfield 75, Wurruk Green 70, Maffra 64.5, Yarram 61.5, Wurruk White 42.