Medals for Sale swimmers

NINETEEN Sale Swimming Club members competed at the All Junior Country Championships in Melbourne at the weekend.

Events were swum over 50 metres, with the semi-finals on Saturday and the top 10 competing in the finals on Sunday.

The exciting talent of Arki Vardy was unleashed in the 12-year-old boys’ butterfly, in which he claimed gold in an impressive 30.56 seconds. Arki then powered home in the freestyle and backstroke to take out the silver.

Isabella Tatterson continues to dominate the breaststroke events, taking the gold medal in a personal best time. Isabella has won this event three times.

Teddy Ripper has continued to improve over the season, and took off and impressive 2.24 seconds off his best time to win the 11-year breaststroke.

Tamiecka Ross made the final in her pet event, the backstroke, and just finished shy of the bronze in fourth place, and came seventh in the butterfly.

Showing the strength of its breaststrokers, Sale was represented in the finals by Hannah Shepherd, Payge Van Ekeren, Zac Mezenberg, Obi Vardy and Adelaide Ripper, who produced personal best times.

Zayden Burton, swimming at his first championships, went through to the finals in the nine-year-old backstroke, finishing in seventh.

Ellie Brown, Katie Kerby, Jack McGrath, Liam Mezenberg, Kayla Pratt, Scarlett Tavaski, Kiana Wedlock, Mia Whitford and Stella Whitford also represented Gippsland in the semi-finals.

Club coach Michael Pratt said all Sale swimmers put in an exceptional effort.

“So much potential in our club. Success breeds success and produces a positive and supportive culture for all,” he said.