Swans face Falcons in round six of LVSL

Laurie Williams

FOUR more teams have been eliminated in the quest for the Battle of Britain Cup.

On Sunday, Falcons defeated Churchill 5-1.

Newborough-Yallourn came back from one down to beat Fortuna 2-1. Monash clean swept over Trafalgar 3-0 and Traralgon City beat Moe 3-2 in extra time.

In other cup matches, the reserves’ Shopwell trophy saw Fortuna defeat Newborough-Yallourn 5-1, Olympians beat Falcons 2-1, Monash were 3-2 winners over Trafalgar and Moe won over Traralgon City 1-0.

Second division’s Nan Bosma Cup saw wins to Fortuna over Moe 3-0, Pegasus over Olympians 4-3, Traralgon City over Monash 1-0 and Tyers over Sale 3-2.

In the women’s Brown-Huizer Cup, Fortuna defeated Falcons 3-0, Traralgon City beat Sale 5-1, Monash won against Newborough-Yallourn 2-1 and Moe defeated Trafalgar 3-1.

This weekend, top team Newborough-Yallourn will come up against Olympians, which is sitting in third position.

NY coach Clayton Bell has got his team playing hard, with his strikers well on target – Hayden Tanti has scored six, and the Fairbrother brothers Dylan and Mark have bagged 10 goals between them.

Olympians, on the other hand, has scored in most matches, and its record over the combine sees it on four wins and two draws over their past six meetings.

Falc ons need to beat Sale to get out of its dark period, where it has lost two consecutive league matches – a rare feat for the Morwell team. It now finds itself in fourth, but with a better than average chance of climbing back up against Sale.

Yet to get points on the board, the Swans have struggled this season, but can be competitive, giving opposition clubs a rough time. In saying that, Sale hasn’t beaten Falcons since 2015.

Only a goal’s difference separates Moe and Churchill on the table – Moe have the least difference but both have won one match and had a draw.

Churchill has shown promise, recruiting well, but still needs to win games. Moe is in a similar situation, needing goals for wins. This game should provide plenty of highlights, with a draw a common conclusion.

Monash , with only two wins, has been underwhelming, after it was expected the Wolves would be a top contender – form has shown otherwise.

Monash hasn’t scored enough to worry the opposition, and has leaked too many goals in defence. Traralgon City has shown it can play attractive soccer, but will still need to play hard against a determined Monash team.

Fortuna, which sits in fifth, will play Trafalgar, in tenth, but can’t take it lightly – Trafalgar at home are hard to play.

Fortuna shouldn’t be too troubled to kick a winning score, but will have to fight hard as Trafalgar won their past meeting.