Early success for Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy

Members of the Frontline Australia Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy, which has been operating in Sale since January. Photo: Contributed

AFTER only four months in operation, a Sale Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy now boasts a state championship silver medallist.

Nine members of the Frontline Australia Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy competed at the state championships in Melbourne at the weekend, with Patrick Klisiewicz winning a silver medal in the men’s 100.5 and over kilogram category.

Eva Clarke, who established the academy in January with her husband Scott, said the performances at the state titles highlighted the progress participants had made.

“It’s a remarkable achievement just to main any medal, and just to have wins under the belt,” she said.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art which focuses on taking the opponent to the ground and gaining a dominant position using joint locks and chokeholds.

The academy, operating out of Mark Johnston’s School of Martial Arts, currently has 40 participants, with Clarke keen to see more female take up the sport.

The school has sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday mornings, catering for adults and children as well as self-defence classes.

For more information visit “Frontline Australia Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & Fitness Academy” on Facebook.