Golfers happy to be back

Golfers are excited to be back on the Maffra golf course. Getting out in the fresh air on Saturday are (from left) Frank Robbins, Luke Drummond, Graham Robbins and Rocky Tona. Photo: Josh Farrell

Josh Farrell

Sale Golf Club reopened to the public on Friday, much to the joy of keen local golfers.

The course has been maintained throughout the lockdown, which allowed it to open Friday morning with minimal fuss.

Committee members Peter Neligan and Andrew Taylor were excited to be back in the clubhouse, even though many members would not be able to remain in the clubhouse after their rounds.

“We are just going to have to be strong about it and not have patrons come back and have a beer in the clubhouse after their round – it’s just not worth it when you can only have 10 people inside,” Neligan said.

Golf has enjoyed increased popularity during COVID, as it is one of the few sports left for people to play.

“Well when you think about it … can’t play football, no cricket, there’s no hockey, no team sports at all – there’s only golf,” Taylor said.

The course is now open to groups of up to four, and all patrons must wear masks unless they have a medical exemption.

All members must also check in with the club’s QR code on arrival.

The club can’t hold competitions, but can have coaching.

The clubhouse is open, with 20 people seated outdoors and 10 people seated indoors.