Sale too strong in tennis

Maffra Pund's Lachie Coleman volleys during his seniors section two match. Photo: Sam Crothers

Josh Farrell

Sale began its Wellington Gippsland Tennis Association section one seniors campaign strongly, with Sale Dahlsens and Sale Findex scoring wins over Maffra CSC and Maffra Weirs at the weekend.
The threat of rain did nothing to dampen Sale’s performance, easily accounting for Maffra in both matches.
It was a strong all-round performance for Sale Dahlsens, led by individual efforts from Sam McGregor and Mark Elliman, with neither player dropping a set.
McGregor and Elliman began their day with an 8-1 win over David Taylor and Tom Supplitt.
McGregor then paired up with Hunter Pearce to win 8-5, with Elliman and Pearce joining forces to win 8-4 to put the pressure on Maffra early.
Maffra wrested back some momentum, thanks to Bree Martin and Julie Foat winning their set 8-6.
Martin then joined Kaylene Runciman to bring the overall score back to three sets to two in favour of Sale, with a tight 9-8 finish.
Sale then finished well with wins to Kelly Hudson and Jessie Lauria, who won 8-5. McGregor and Jess Board ensured there was no doubt, winning their set 8-2.
Sale Dahlsens finished the day with a comfortable win, defeating Maffra CSC six sets to three.
Maffra Weirs began strongly, thanks to Mitch Allman who partnered with Tom Foley to win their first set 8-6.
Allman then paired with Josh Kennedy to win nine games to seven, giving Maffra a good start to their match.
Tim Dunnett and Sen Goold notched the first win for Sale’s men in a tight 9-7 set.
Sale’s women applied even more pressure on Maffra, winning the women’s sets 9-7, 8-6 and 8-3.
The return of Allman to the court with his sister Natalie gave Maffra a sniff of a comeback, winning 8-3.
Sale then asserted its dominance, with Sale’s new coach Jason Yap and Nok Pate winning their mixed doubles set 8-0.
The final set sealed a great day for Sale, with mother son duo Masami and Sen Goold and winning 8-6.
The final scoresheet gave Sale Findex the win, defeating Maffra Weirs six sets to three.


Wellington Gippsland Tennis Association
Round one results
Section 1: Sale Dahlsens 6 d Maffra CSC 3, Sale Findex 6 d Maffra Weirs 3, Bairnsdale had the bye; ladder: Sale Dahlsens 8, Sale Findex 8, Bairnsdale 6, Maffra Weirs 3, Maffra CSC 3; Section 2: Maffra Pund 7 d Sale Elliman 2, Maffra All Round d Bairnsdale (forfeit), Stratford 6 d Longford 3, Sale Pools 8 d Heyfield Graham 1, Heyfield Bendigo 5 d Sale Glencoe 4; ladder: Sale Pools 10, Maffra Pund 9, Stratford 8, Maffra All Round 7, Heyfield Bendigo 7, Sale Glencoe 4, Longford 3, Sale Elliman 2, Heyfield Graham 1, Bairnsdale -4; Section 3: Sale Storage 8 d Maffra Accounting 1, Briagolong 9 d Maffra Removalists 0, Heyfield Railway 9 d Maffra Stobies 0, Heyfield Higgins 8 d Maffra GRE 1; ladder: Heyfield Railway 11, Briagolong 11, Heyfield Higgins 10, Sale Storage 10, Stratford 6, Maffra Accounting 1, Maffra GRE 1, Maffra Removalists 0, Maffra Stobies 0.

Section 1: Sale De Minaur 8 d Sale Kygrios 0, Sale Barty 4 drew Longford 4; ladder: Sale De Minaur 10, Maffra 6, Sale Barty 5, Longford 5, Sale Kygrios 0; Section 2: Longford White 6 d Sale Millman 2, Longford Blue 4 d Longford Red 4, Briagolong 4 d Maffra 4; ladder: Longford White 8, Briagolong 6, Longford Blue 6, Longford Red 4, Maffra 4, Sale Millman 2; Section 3: Sale Bolt 4 d Sale Thompson 4; Briagolong 7 d Maffra 1, Sale Duckworth had the bye; ladder: Briagolong 9, Sale Bolt 6, Sale Duckworth 6, Sale Thompson 4, Maffra 1; Section 4: Sale Perez 5 d Longford 3, Maffra 5 d Sale Sharma 3, Stratfrod 6 d Heyfield Roos 2, Heyfield Kangas had the bye; ladder: Stratford 8, Maffra 7, Sale Perez 7, Heyfield Kangas 6, Longford 3, Sale Sharma 3, Heyfield Roos 2; Section 5: Longford 5 d Briagolong 1, Sale Sanders 5 d Stratford Head 1, Sale Polmans 6 d Seaspray 0, Stratford Babolat 5 d Maffra 1, Sale Cabrera 4 d Sale Stosur 1; ladder: Sale Polmans 8, Longford 7, Stratford Babolat 7, Sale Sanders 7, Sale Cabrera 6, Sale Stosur 2, Stratford Head 1, Maffra 1, Briagolong 1, Seaspray 0; Section 6: Sale Inglis 5 d Heyfield Joeys 1, Nambrok 6 d Longford Blue 0, Briagolong 6 d Stratford Yonex 0, Maffra 4 d Stratford Slazenger 2, Longford White had the bye; ladder: Nambrok 8, Briagolong 8, Sale Inglis 7, Maffra 6, Longford White 6, Stratford Slazenger 2, Heyfield Joeys 1, Stratford Yonex 0, Longford Blue 0; Section 7: Maffra 3 d Sale Purcell 1, Sale Popyrin 3 d Briagolong 2, Stratford Technifibre 3 d Stratford Prince 3, Heyfield Skippy had the bye; ladder: Maffra 6, Heyfield Skippy 6, Sale Popyrin 5.5, Stratford Technifibre 5, Stratford Prince 3, Briagolong 2.5, Sale Purcell 2.