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Art on the Seaspray – Julie Ward’s Easter show returns

For decades, Sale artist Julie Ward has been drawn by her love of art, music and the sea. She has a studio at Seaspray where...

Storms threaten Loch Sport shoreline

Tom Parry and Stefan Bradley A REPORT about erosion at Loch Sport has finally been made public, confirming that immediate action must be taken to...

Whale makes a splash in Loch Sport

A SURPRISE visitor greeted Loch Sport last week, with a Bryde's whale making an appearance in the shallow waters of Ninety Mile Beach. The waterborne...

Thanks from a grateful whippet and relieved owner

Bonnie the dog is counting her lucky stars after being rescued by a kindly, anonymous stranger at Seaspray.

Loch Sport launches yet another bid to solve erosion issue

Residents are still waiting for a solution to the ongoing loss of the foreshore.

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How costly will this loss be? Gippsland League footy Rd 3

Liam Durkin GIPPSLAND League players might still be finding mud in weird and wonderful places. Mothers collected the real three votes after Round 13, as most...