Thanks from a grateful whippet and relieved owner

Bonnie with owner Sally Court at home. Photo: Tom Parry

Bonnie the dog is counting her lucky stars after being rescued by a kindly, anonymous stranger at Seaspray.

It is believed that the Good Samaritan freed Bonnie, a whippet-explorer, from her harness after it became tangled during a beach-walk on Wednesday, May 25.

Bonnie’s human companion, Sally Court explained the incident to the Gippsland Times.

“Normally when we go to the beach, my kelpie (Kelly) hangs around with me all the time, because that’s her nature, and (Bonnie) will often go off on her own, jumping around in the mangroves in search of rabbits and that,” Ms Court said

“But she usually comes back, and the older she gets the less she does it.”

On this occasion, Bonnie spent longer than usual exploring the mangroves, promoting a search from Ms Court.

The adventurous whippet was located not long after, sans the harness she usually wears.

“She came up to me and then we noticed that her jacket and her harness were sitting on a post in the carpark, and I thought, ‘That’s strange,’” Ms Court said

“And then I noticed that the harness had been cut – not chewed through or anything like that – so I thought, ‘someone must have… freed her from something or other.’”

It wasn’t until the following Friday that Ms Court noticed one of Bonnie’s legs were swollen, suggesting that she and her harness had managed to become tangled.

Were it not for the actions of her liberator, chances are she could have been seriously injured.

Thankfully, Bonnie is now back home and recovering well from the incident.

“Bonnie’s one of those remarkable dogs that has got a very high pain threshold,” Ms Court said.

“She’s been very good and quite relaxed about the whole thing.

“But I really, really wanted to find the person that freed her because it’s such a kindness, and they could have taken her to the pound or something like that – which would have been OK too, but it would have been expensive for me, and also very distressing for Bonnie as well.”

Ms Court is most eager to personally thank the stranger, or strangers, who came to Bonnie’s aid.

“I’d ask them to come and meet Bonnie again. Come around for a cup of tea or a beer or something like that, and just say ‘keep on being the way you are – you’re obviously very nice people.’”

This is not the first time that Bonnie has made the pages of the Gippsland Times with her adventures – avid readers may remember the whippet explorer accidentally felling a tree some years ago, after her inquisitive nature got the better of her.

Bonnie is putting her escapades on-hold for the time being, continuing her rest and recovery at home in the company of Ms Court and her best mate Kelly.

Anybody with information about Seaspray’s Good Samaritan is encouraged to e-mail

Bonnie pictured with her best friend, Kelly the kelpie.
Photo: Contributed

A message from Bonnie:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for releasing me, Bonnie, when you found me at Seaspray the other day.

I don’t know your name and neither does my Mum, Sally, so we are putting this in the paper hoping that you or your friends will see it.

My Mum didn’t know what had happened when she found my blue harness and jacket on a pole at the carpark and saw that it had been cut.

It was only when she was tickling my tummy this morning (Friday) that she finally noticed the large red graze and bruise on the inside of one of my muscley legs.

She put two and two together and figured that some wonderful human being had seen me all tangled up and freed me to run back to her. I couldn’t even tell her how frightening it had been.