Objection to Stevens St plans


I’M sure I’m not the only one who is concerned with the proposed planning amendments C85 and C88 along Stevens St, Sale.

I live on this street and have a vested interest in what happens.

Wellington Shire Council has provided all the relevant information on this proposal, where I can view the amendments and how I can object.

Council even kindly forwarded an invitation from the applicant on behalf of his clients to come along to an invitation session.

This is great service from our council and I’m sure the applicant is appreciative of its assistance.

While it can be said that there will be only a handful of homes affected by this plan, along a relatively short section of the street, once this end of the street is compromised, I’m not sure there could be much of an argument against carrying on developing the rest of the street.

Unfortunately I would suggest that once someone can profit from doing this, others might decide to follow suit.

However, it’s not only the residents of Stevens St who lose from this proposal, but also every person who takes in this environment as they take their walk or those that drive slowly down the street to enjoy the view.

Not only do people enjoy the visual beauty, the wetland is also a wildlife habitat and the sounds of the birds and frogs provide a peaceful experience.

What impact will development have on the permanent and migratory wildlife in the wetlands?

I note that design guidelines would ensure that development would seek to maintain the open nature of the area and complement the unique nature of the wetlands.

There is no doubt that the large home which adjoins nine of the blocks in question is a beautiful home, however, if that’s in any way indicative of the design guidelines, I would question what it deemed to be complementary and maintains the open nature of the area.

Anyone who may be affected by this amendment can make a submission to council objecting to this development and should do so to ensure that this beautiful part of our wetlands remains as is for the enjoyment and appreciation of all.