‘Antis’ stifling economic growth in Gippsland


I AM dismayed at the repetition of letters in our Gippsland newspapers from the ‘anti’ everything movement in our region.

Would it be possible for Gippslanders to work together and support integrated Gippsland industries delivering more jobs, more productivity and more exports?

I support Gippsland becoming the region going places and the ‘go to’ region in Australia.

Instead Gippsland is a region of the lowest economic growth in Victoria — growth is 0.4 per cent compared to a Victorian average of 3.3 per cent.

Is this because the antis are turning investment and jobs away?

Let us inspire for our region to be one per cent above the state average.

This year we celebrate 25 years of Landcare in Australia.

Twenty-five years ago, the National Farmers’ Federation and Australian Conservation Foundation put aside their conflicting policies, shook hands and impressed Prime Minister Hawke to launch the Decade of Landcare.

Today Landcare is an Australian icon and should be a template for a new way forward for our region, our state and our nation.

Where are the visionaries like Sir John Monash who developed the Gippsland rich brown coal resource and BHP/ExxonMobil that developed Bass Strait oil and gas?

Our farm leaders who pushed to build new dams, new irrigation districts, including the renowned Macalister Irrigation District?

Today the antis to development would have turned them away.

Let us welcome sensible development, immigration, and ASEAN partnerships to make our wonderful resource rich region ‘the region to be in’ and an Australian leader.