Hospital staff did all they could


I WOULD like to pay tribute the wonderful nursing staff at Sale Hospital Saturday night/Sunday morning November 15 and 16.

My husband, Les, was brought in by ambulance with a pain in his side, which was ultimately diagnosed as an aneurysm.

The nurses sprang into action providing every treatment and comfort they could.

They rushed around conferring with doctors and no effort was spared in doing everything possible to save him.

After a decision to transfer him to St Vincent’s for an operation these poor frustrated nurses spent two hours trying to find an ambulance to transport him to Melbourne.

Air ambulance was not possible because of rain.

No mica ambulance was available. Eventually an ambulance had to come from Traralgon and he then had to be transferred into a mica ambulance at L/V Hospital for the rest of the journey. He did not make it.

My reason for writing is to thank, from the bottom of my heart, nurses Sue and Ely, plus all the others whose names I do not know.

I also want to thank Dr Kathryn who was so caring and compassionate.

They worked to their utmost capacity to save the life of a perfect stranger.

I know this is what nurses do, but I wanted them to know how much their efforts were, and are, appreciated.