Greens vote up in Gippsland East


AN election result not widely known was that the Greens increased their vote to an estimated 3500 in East Gippsland, or 8.2 per cent of the population.

This was more than a 50 per cent increase in the Green vote compared to the last state election result.

Small numbers, true, but as the Greens’ moderate and progressive policies become known in rural areas, their vote increases.

There has also been a trebling of the Green membership in East Gippsland during the past three years.

Protection of our environment, support for sustainable agriculture and fisheries, opposition to coal seam gas and other inappropriate mining proposals, campaigning for an effective anti-corruption commission and support for TAFE were some of the issues that the Greens strongly supported that resonated with voters.

In response to the growing Green membership we will be holding meetings in the new year to consider the formation of an East Gippsland Greens Branch.