Wildlife shelter carers do a great job


I AM writing in support of an amazing woman named Theresa Matthews and her husband Tony who run the Our Haven Wildlife Shelter at Golden Beach, which is a registered shelter.

On Wednesday, November 3, a complaint was made to the shire about this shelter (more than two animals on the property).

Should this place be compromised, where do injured and orphaned wildlife go?

There isn’t another local shelter.

These animals do not make the noise that domestic animals do, do not invade private gardens as domestic animals do and as most are hand reared are not aggressive.

No animal is turned away.

Theresa and Tony have are dedicated to these animals.

This shelter is self-funded and Theresa works in aged care to pay for veterinary costs, food, water, heat pads and other equipment, petrol and telephone costs associated with rescues and many other expenses.

Constant fundraising is necessary.

They work tirelessly to rehabilitate all animals that come into their care with a view to releasing them back into the bush.

They are doing this for both the animals and their community.

It is always done with compassion, knowledge, a never say die attitude, lack of sleep but, most of all, love.

The person who lodged the complaint should take a good, hard look at him or herself and maybe walk a mile in Theresa and Tony’s shoes before passing judgement.

These people are truly good, honest, hardworking, caring people.

A few more like them and it would be a much better world.

I encourage them to keep up the good work.