Unhappy with Sale rodeo event


I ATTENDED the Sale Professional Rodeo at the Sale Greyhounds last Saturday evening, February 28.

Initially I had planned on seeing the whole event out but left about 10pm in total disgust and shock.

There was an event where children were riding steers.

About 10 competitors took part, the youngest a boy aged nine and the eldest, perhaps a girl aged 12.

This girl suffered a fairly horrific fall or buck and appeared to have also been stomped on by the steer.

This incident stopped the whole show for about four or five minutes before she was removed from the ring and presumably received medical treatment.

I also don’t understand why they didn’t replay the incident on the big screen which was provided as a lot of people who had not seen the incident happen were speculating about it and becoming quite rowdy probably helped along by the alcohol they had consumed.

Allowing children under the age of 16 years to take part in any rodeo event is unacceptable in my opinion.

Shame on the parents and shame on the organisers for allowing this to happen and take place.

I was also quite miffed, given the ticket entry price, that no proper seating was available around the arena.

Given this event was also promoted as a ‘family event’, there should have also been an alcohol and smoke-free zone.

It was quite sickening the number of people who smoked and others having to endure their fumes and emissions which have the potential to kill.

I believe organisers need to lift their game.