A man and a woman best to raise children


THE aim of my letter is not to offend anyone who experiences same sex attraction as I uphold the dignity of every person, but I feel the issue of same sex “marriage” needs some comment, and traditional marriage needs to be defended.

Marriage is more than a wedding day and more than a seal on a sentimental “feeling” of love.

Marriage is not only about couple relationships, but is intrinsically connected to parenthood.

The male and female components of a marriage present the best opportunity for children to learn the beauty of being male and female.

Same sex “marriage” lacks either the male or female element.

It is for this fact that a cry for “equality” is nonsense.

Over the centuries, the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of others for life, has been our society’s tradition and cornerstone for family and is a value most of us aspire to.

It has proved to be the best environment to raise children.

Any attempt to change the definition of marriage will be an experiment in social engineering that could have disastrous results for children in those relationships and open the way for even more diverse domestic arrangements.

Only 21 of the world’s 196 countries have redefined this historically correct institution.

The truth is that Australia is not lagging behind, but rather should be congratulated for waiting and observing the experiment.