Night flying is essential for training


ONE wonders if M. Peters has any idea of what it takes to train our military pilots of today.

Yes, at one time wars were fought from daylight til dusk, but in this era they are 24/7 and as such they need the pilots to be able to land at night.

Yes, there are hundreds and hundreds of acres to the east, but unfortunately they neglected to put a runway out there and also we don’t have all the stand by crews (fire, medical, maintenance and so on) that are needed out there as well.

One night a week they train and as the daylight hours get shorter, night flying finishes earlier.

The RAAF base has been there longer than most Sale residents and I think M. Peters should be thankful that we have people that are willing to volunteer for our military forces.

To be put out for a couple of hours once a week is a small inconvenience.