We need better government in Australia


I AM angry at our collectively cowardly, selfish and corrupt politicians.

Cowardly because they lack any form of courage in tackling the serious issues facing the country and its budget.

They are utterly afraid to expose themselves by putting forward serious solutions for fear of damage to their electoral chances; hence the “selfish” tag.

I use the word “corrupt” because they are putting their personal and party interests ahead of their responsibilities to us.

They are focused on personal gain (generally power rather than money), not service.

The party system corrupts our representatives who tell us they will represent us in Canberra but, the instant they get there, they have no choice but to represent the party’s, not their constituents’ interests.

I wish the ACCC could investigate such deceptive advertising.

I do hope that the impending Senate voting changes will still return some independent-thinking senators, this time without the opaque machinations of the party preference whisperers.

I’ve given up hope we will get independent thinking in the House of Representatives.

In the meantime, use the impending election to tell each and every candidate you meet that we are looking for people with wisdom to find better solutions and the courage to act on them.

Tell them “you want to lead, be a leader for crying out loud”.

Don Chipp famously tasked the Democrats with “keeping the bastards honest”.

Now it is your turn, for the sake of better government than we’ve had over the last few election cycles.

I hope you will step up to this task.