Poor roads are leading to Maffra township


MAFFRA is a strong, vibrant and proud town.

It is long established, has a constant population of about 5000, and services internationally significant agricultural-based industries.

It beggars belief then that the three key arterial roads into Maffra are of such poor standard.

The road from the Stratford highway turn-off is narrow, has no shoulder and has large sections of the last 10 kilometres signposted as “rough” and substandard.

The road connecting from Sale inexplicably loses it shoulder six kilometres from the town boundary and subsequently becomes very narrow.

This road experiences some high levels of traffic which often become slowed down and banked up because of its poor nature.

Possibly the worst of all is the entry road from Nambrok and Heyfield.

This road is extremely narrow in many places, has no shoulder and has ragged bitumen edges that can drop sharply by as much as 20 centimetres.

It is not only dangerous for motor bikes and cyclists, but is also intimidating in many places for cars and trucks passing from opposite directions.

The size and importance of Maffra warrants first-world standard roads.

Why then does it have only third world standard arterial roads?

Perhaps it is time for political ‘champions’ from state and federal levels to drive a better deal for Maffra.