VFF unhappy at lack of acknowledgment


AS president of the Victorian Farmers Federation Regional Multi-commodity group, I would like to congratulate Wellington Shire Council on the completion of the refurbishment of the Gippsland Regional Livestock Exchange complex.

It has been a long time coming and I am sure it will serve the district well.

However it was a little disappointing that the role of the VFF in the stakeholder committee was not acknowledged in the presentations at the opening ceremonies.

The VFF was the only farmer group on the committee, and along with the stock agent representatives, was instrumental in having the shire progress the development of the yards at a rate in excess of the original plans by some years.

Both council representatives acknowledged the important role of agriculture in the shire and recognised the role of agriculture in the future of the shire, and this is illustrated by the decision to go ahead and develop the saleyard precinct, but seemed reluctant to acknowledge the farmers or their representatives and their role in this decision.

I hope in the future the council will recognise the importance of farmer representation and utilise this asset in the shire.