Wire rope barriers a ‘safety concern’


VICROADS’ and TAC’s plan to put barriers each side of open space roads, such as already constructed on the Sale-Maffra Rd, is a waste of taxpayers money.

The barriers are a hindrance to road users and emergency services and have potential create road accidents.

They certainly will impact on the safety of emergency crews at accidents, as well as motorists who need to stop on the side of the road in emergencies.

The roads should be maintained as open space each side in wide flat roads so motorists have room to pull over, or a far better chance to avoid and accident.

The reasoning by VicRoads that the barriers are to stop motorists leaving the road is flawed, with the many breaks for entrances to properties.

The plan to put a third barrier up the middle of the road with limited passing lanes and motorists having to travel several kilometres to turn at a gap in the centre barrier is bordering on the ridiculous, because the barrier loses its safety performance at the gaps.

The VicRoads spin doctors forgot about that one when they promoted about how much safer the centre barrier will be.

At the recent meeting in Stratford, VicRoads representatives were asked who signed off on the final plan for these barrier constructions.

They were coy about answering, and no name was forthcoming.