Ravens are making life quite unpleasant


I BELIEVE it should be the responsibility of local eateries, including fast food outlets, to close their bins.

Walking is not a fun affair when crossing York St, because of the murders of ravens (and they are Australian Ravens, not crows) that live in bins and seem to have taken all control.

The ravens are on a bad diet like the majority of this town, and this should not be the case.

Plovers and magpies are the common ones to swoop, but I have been attacked a number of times by the ravens.

This has led to a fear, and not being able to happily walk any more.

As a non-Health Care Card owner, a high ratepayer and having a disability (I’m unable to drive), my quality of life has been diminished.

I thought I was the only one, except when I spoke to a mate’s teenage son, who had the same thing happen, I discovered he is now too scared to go outside.

I will raise another point (though perhaps shouldn’t), but not once this year have I been swooped by magpies.

I am friends with magpies, as a family frequently visits my bird bath and me, but in the middle of November (which is usually when the baby magpies have grown bigger), everyone in Victoria Park was badly attacked.

Little children, boys on skateboards, me attacked where blood was drawn, and a family on vacation also.

It is either their diet, or someone who has attacked them.

Something must be done.

For one, stop feeding the birds junk food.

Hotels and takeaway places, close your bins.

I have had enough.

This is not a country town or nor a small city, but a place of highway rubbish and depressed people.

I refuse to keep paying such high water rates for a new sewerage development when these people obviously are that uneducated and lazy that they can’t find real free range meat or have the ability to cook a potato.

I am ashamed to call myself a Gippslander any more.

In Melbourne and nearby they have a compost green bin system and recycle soft plastic.

Why are there so many unemployed people?

There is a huge opportunity to get Wellington Shire back to a healthy place which environmentally is up with the times.

Stop mourning the closure of Hazelwood, and start finding and funding a new direction.

If anyone is interested in getting a fundraiser going, which could perhaps invite an independent company to start some kind of project that involves proper recycling, then please write in.