Pool operating hours ‘beggar belief’


AS an “out of towner” who has been utilizing our wonderful Sale outside pool for more than 30 years, I must express my sheer frustration at the confusing and somewhat unfriendly operating hours of the pool during the summer season.

It beggars belief that on any hot summer days during January, you are requested to leave the pool at 8am and then be told you can return at 10am to resume your swim.

During February, equal hottest month of the year, it gets worse with the pool moving to ‘off peak’ time and opening at 3.30pm.

The explanations I have received for the mishmash of operating hours relate to staffing costs and lack of patronage during summer, which affects the overall pool operating budget.

It is disappointing that Wellington Shire does not appear to view the pool as a community asset that is there for the general public’s use, rather than running the facility along business lines.

Overall, the Aqua Energy facility, which includes the outside pool, is kicking goals with its wonderful friendly staff and excellent amenities.

It is a pity that the operating hours of the pool have resulted in a number of the regulars no longer turning up.

With retirees, shift workers, visitors and stay-at-home parents, there is a strong need to staff the pool and allow ratepayers to enjoy the facility to the maximum.

It amazes me that every year, the Aqua Energy survey is circulated to patrons with the specific aim of receiving feedback so better services can be provided.

Well, here is a great opportunity.

How about all day outside pool operating hours during January and February for the general public.